About Eleflow

The name Eleflow was inspired by the term “Elephant Flow”, which refers to a continuous and extremely large flow of information in a network.

Our story began in 2014, when our CEO and founder, Paulo Magalhães, started working on Big Data and Analytics projects, seeking to know and understand the Brazilian data market.

In 2016 we solidified a partnership with Objective Group and officially started operations with the opening of our first office in the city of São Paulo. Since then, we’ve worked on initiatives focused on Big Data, Analytics, Machine Learning, as well as in the end-to-end implementation of data projects, including extraction, integration, analysis, and data science.

Eleflow has established itself over the years and with our continued growth it was necessary to expand. In 2019 we opened our second office unit in Maringá (PR), and in 2020 with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, we adopted a remote work model, which allowed us to expand our team across Brazil and accelerated our growth.

We’ve expertise in the agile construction of Data Lakes, following the best practices in governance, quality, and process automation. For customers who already have their data organized, we lead and help in data science initiatives such as: fraud detection, predictive maintenance, demand forecast, churn, recommendation, among others.

Today we can proudly say that:

we’ve worked over 300,000 hours in data projects,

we’re experienced in the construction and management of Data Lakes with more than 300TB 

our team is 100% certified across top market tools and platforms.