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Transforming Big Data Analytics in competitive advantage to your company with our solutions.
Predictive Maintenance

Increase your equipment’s productive time leveraging sensors and predictive analysis to calculate the risk of a failure. learn more


An assertive demand forecast will increase eficiency of your purchase and inventory planing. learn more

Target Marketing

Increase conversion rate with Propension to Conversion Score. Offer the desired product, at the right moment, by the best channel, to the potencial client. learn more


Demonstrate quick results accelerating your you Big Data Analytics initiative leveraging our experience learn more


Focus on deliverying Big Data Analytics value.
Lower Risk

Our goal is to prove the Big Data Analytics value in a short time and with the minimum investiment possible. With that in mind, we developed Uberdata, a Big Data Analytics plataform with a huge processing power that runs on comodity server or cloud and scales with your business needs and budget. Besides, it does not locks you in with a supplier as Uberdata is open source and builds on well stablished technologies and standards, i.e., easy-in/easy-out. All these characteristics are combined with the intent to reduce the risk of a Big Data Analytics project in your company. Pleas find below some success stories.

  • Automation

    Analytics Production Automation and plataform creation

  • Agile

    Proof of value with lower investiment and time

  • Simplicity

    Simpler environment for creation and execution of analytics

  • Cloud or on premises

    Execution on commodity server in your data center or cloud

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The software plataform developed and used by Eleflow.
Starter Kit
Starter Kit
Starter Kit is the quicker way to prove Big Data Analytics’ value. Its goal is to be a library of best practices and most successful predictive analyses packaged an accessible to companies of all maturity levles. learn more
Scales with your Business
Scales with your Business
On public Cloud or in your data center, Uberdata requires minimal setup and commodity servers that can be added to reach the processing power that will give the expected business value.
Open Source
Open Source
Free of commercial licenses and open source, you can start using Uberdata yourself today and never depend on a supplier.
Analytics Automation
Analytics Automation
Uberdata propels your data scientist productivity by automating the deployment and software installation on the cloud, as well as providing algorithms to automatic feature selection.

Uberdata is open source! Start using today

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Our proficiency on theses tools reflects on the quality timing of our deliverables.

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