HughesNet is an international distributor of satellite broadband internet plans, providing its customers with a super-fast, always-on Internet connection that is available everywhere, even in areas with slow or no high-speed options. Hughes started its operation in Brazil in 2016 and today has major clients across different sectors ranging from agribusinesses to education and retail companies.


Hughes has been an Eleflow customer since 2017 when we did the Proof of Concept for a product. Since then, we’ve participated in several projects including a variable correlation study and the creation of a more robust scalable data structure. The objective of the latter project was to offer autonomy, governance, and ease to generate reports, analyses, and KPIs, ensuring agility in decision making. Our latest challenge has been to structure all historical information and promote data integration.


Following Hughes guidelines and preferences we created a data warehouse in Oracle to structure all historical information and used Informatica to promote data integration. Today, considering only part of the data, more than 10 million records are uploaded. Even with a high number it is still possible to track daily reports that help several departments ranging from operations to finance. The loads happen daily, and business areas can get historical information from their entire base by integrating three different platforms: Salesforce, Installation Portal, and NG.